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Overview: Eighteen-year-old Ethan is a “make love, not war” type, forever talking about an age of abundance that’s upon us, where all human needs are met. The only work that will be undertaken by anyone is to drive the age of equanimity to the next level. His hard-luck girlfriend who grew up on the streets finds it easy to get lost in his escapist fantasies, though she truly doesn’t believe in them. They’re both biohackers. But for him, his upgrades are proof that soon humans will be as gods. For her, the upgrades merely offer slim hope of hanging on in a world grown too toxic to survive without them. Who’s to say which one has a handle on the truth?
Until FRE, a “nonexistent” agency, unleashes an army of cyborgs against the biohackers to make sure none of them becomes a threat to the old global order. Roman refuses to be sucked into the growing rebellion in the wake of FRE’s evil, despite witnessing plenty of reasons to take up the torch. But when his girlfriend is captured for “remediation” he loses it, and the man of peace becomes the man of war. It turns out he’s much better in the latter role. But even if he manages to snatch his girlfriend from FRE’s clutches, will he ever find his way back to the man she once loved? Might his cynical girlfriend have to get over herself to get him to believe again in a future she herself doesn’t see?
Genre: Science Fiction > Cyberpunk

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Download Biohackers: "Cybernetic Agents" by Dean C. Moore (.ePUB)

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