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Overview: Inspired by anime like SAO, Fairy Tail and Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? The Slayer is a story unlike any I've written so far, with ‘silly’ humour and a more casual tone. I don’t think I need to mention that this story was written for a particular taste.
Descend into the chaos, ridiculousness and mayhem that is this book. Follow Waltz in this story where the events of a single day changed his life forever.
After losing his own guild in tragedy, he realises a new dream of forming his own and being the leader. After he meets a woman who fell from the sky, events in his life lead him on a new path entirely. A story of monsters and magic, Waltz begins his adventures with his strange companions as they search for the truth behind the celestial woman, fight to break the hold a witch has over Waltz, and traverse the road to glory and riches, and become the strongest and most revered guild in the land
This is the tale of how these unlikely beings all came together, and began their adventure…
Genre: Fantasy

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Download The Slayer by Lady Lilium (.ePUB)

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