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Overview: Author, wine-lover, and world-traveler. I've traveled to 33 nations, from the steppes of Mongolia to the jungles of Thailand, and from the Inuit villages of Northwest Alaska to le fin del mundo, the "end of the world," at the tip of South America.
Genre: Science Fiction

Iona Stronghold (#2) Two years have passed since the opening of the Iona portal. A battle continues to rage between two alien races: the warlike Archons from the parallel dimension of Hades, and the benevolent Irin, from the realm of Basilea.
The Archons have just set in motion a plan to conquer the human race and take our world for their own. Our only hope lies in the Synaxis, a group of ordinary men and women conscripted by the Irin and given supernormal powers.
With mere days left before our world erupts in a fiery nuclear holocaust, three Synaxis members must risk everything in a desperate mission that will take them to the depths of hell itself.

Iona Rising (#3) The ancient battle between good and evil has reached its climax. Planet Earth is about to be destroyed. To save their world, the synaxis members must travel to a realm beyond their imagining, penetrate into the depths of the earth, and rebuild the ancient portal at Stonehenge. It’s the greatest challenge they’ve yet faced, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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Download Synaxis Chronicles series by Robert David MacNeil (.ePUB)

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