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Overview: K.M. Tremills is the author of the Great Lands and the Fated series. She built her writing career in the film industry, receiving support from the National Screen Institute and Telefilm Canada and screening a film at the Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals. Kate contributed articles to several magazines including Elle Canada and Moving Pictures. She was lured back to her first love -- novels -- when Messenger came calling.
Genre: Fantasy

Messenger (#1) In times of great darkness, courage lights the way home.
An Evil Prince. A Captured Sister. An Unyielding Messenger.
Darkness falls on the Great Lands. The days of unity are over and Gabriella urges her father to heed the warnings. But King Algor refuses to listen, believing he can unite the kingdoms. Once the Great Prince descends on their castle, he scatters all resistance, imprisons her sister, and forces Gabriella on the run.
For years, Gabriella dreams of retribution. When a messenger tracks her in the forest, she fears all is lost. But this messenger arrives with a mission for Gabriella to challenge the Prince. With only powerful instincts and the gift of prescience, Gabriella sets out on the perilous journey to end his reign of terror

Warrior (#2) In times of great darkness, wisdom lights the way home.
Gabriella felt the mounting impatience of the Great Prince. His actions grew rash, and his judgement was compromised. She could not afford to wait until he razed every village and destroyed every forest in his search for her.
She growled at the thought of her people being slaughtered, whether in their beds or on the battlefield. This was their feud, not the war of ordinary people.
At that thought, the Moon shimmered and replied, "Ah, but that is where you are wrong, daughter..."

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