Mark One by John Hindmarsh (.ePUB) download

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 833 kB
Overview: Mark Midway will kill to survive...
He is genetically engineered. He doesn't know by whom, where, or why.
Nine men, ex-military, are on a mission to destroy a genetics laboratory and capture a genetically engineered specimen. They are supported by four rogue CIA agents, who have commandeered a test drone and a missile at a Marine base. The team attacks the genetics laboratory complex before dawn, during a raging blizzard. Within hours, seven of the men are dead, one is severely wounded and one barely escapes. The drone with its missile has been destroyed. The next morning the four rogue agents are found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Mark flees the laboratory complex, seeking safety and somewhere he can call home.
The FBI is on his case and a mysterious organization offers him its assistance. However, he is at risk. There are unknown killers chasing him and he needs to protect himself and his friends.
He will survive.
A fast-moving, finely plotted thriller that will keep you reading.
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller

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Download Mark One by John Hindmarsh (.ePUB)

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