For Love... & Donuts by Sophie Mays (.ePUB) download

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Overview: Virginia’s entire life needed renovating, but it took inheriting her aunt’s island cottage to realize it. If you like a good fixer-upper, fresh donuts and solid storytelling, jump on the ferry and make your way over to Sweetwater Island!

After several stressful years, Virginia’s self-esteem is shot. So when she inherits her beloved Aunt’s house in the quaint, neighboring island town of Sweetwater, her longtime boyfriend Jason convinces her to sell it so that they can pocket the money. The only catch is, there are substantial fixes that need to be made before she can sell it. Fueled by HGTV shows, they decide that the house can be fixed up and flipped. On a recommendation, she hires Tristan, a cute, funny, church-going contractor, with a good heart and a dark secret. As Virginia puts more and more time into fixing up the old house, she rekindles her love of art and interior design, she reflects on all the wonderful times she had in the house growing up, and she spends time getting to re-know herself, and her new friend, Tristan. Through their combined strengths, they renovate the old home into something gorgeous, and along the way they find that sometimes the most unsuspectingly beautiful things can be uncovered with a little sweat, proper attention, and some TLC
Genre: Romance

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Download For Love... & Donuts by Sophie Mays (.ePUB)

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