The Dons Bride by Amanda Horton (.ePUB)(.MOBI) download

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Overview: Bonnie is left to run a business she knows nothing about. With her father's health failing she’s responsible to steer the DiMaggio family. But Chicago mafia are dangerous and Bonnie is a bait that can be swallowed anytime. She needs a way to survive. Leo Fontane is as much a bad boy as he is ambitious, but his dream to take over Chicago cant be achieved without support. He offers to merge interests with the Dimaggio family, and seal the deal with marriage. Bonnie says yes to the rival family, fully aware that Leo is her only solution. It doesn't take long for their arrangement to turn into a hot romance. Bonnie is falling in love with handsome Leo, when a massive personal loss rocks her world. Her suspect is the person closest to her, Leo, and she ends their relationship. Can Leo prove innocent and will a heartbroken Bonnie accept his love again?
Genre: Romance

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Download The Dons Bride by Amanda Horton (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

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