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Overview: Trouble never felt so good…
For centuries, Razor and his brothers have ruled in peace over Shadow Realm. Their luck runs out when a string of dead bodies begin to pop up all over their land. Deemed “the Judge” by the streets he polices, Razor begins investigating the mysterious deaths. But when the leader of the Reapers brings them more bad news, Razor has no choice but to team up with the one person who knows the streets of Shadow Realm better than he does: Sasha, the feisty Reaper he’s wanted for years.
All Sasha wants to do is to find the bastard who is stealing souls from right under her boss’ nose. Being forced to work with Razor was not part of the plan. With her one goal so close, admitting her attraction to the cocky Hellhound would be pointless. But the longer they work together, the harder it becomes to deny the sizzling chemistry between them.
With no leads in a case that’s getting more dangerous and heated, resisting each other may no longer be an option…
Genre: Romance Paranormal

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