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Overview: Finding love on the western frontier is never easy. When abductions, deceptions and mistaken identity are mixed in, it is nearly impossible. Can ten women overcome all these obstacles and still find love?
Genre: Romance

Tricked Into Love - Olivia heads west to find love as a mail order bride, but her husband-to-be’s intentions might not be the same.

Mail Order Bride Mix-up - When a mix-up throws together two people with vastly different expectations, sparks will fly…and may kindle the fire of love.

A Convenient Proposal - Catherine’s family has lost everything and she is looking to start a new life as a mail order bride. With no intention of falling in love, she heads to Texas to help run the Adam’s ranch.

A Baby and the Bitter Widow - After Francine loses everything, she is forced to move west to live with her neices and their new families. While bitterness threatens to consume her, a troubled pregnancy forces her to put another’s life ahead of her own.

A Bride for the Widowed Rancher with a Baby Girl - After tragedy strikes Roxie’s family in New York, she is forced to go West as a mail order bride. On the way to her betrothed, she gets stuck in Alanreed, Texas where she soon learns God may have other plans for her.

Rescuing Little Rena - Faced with extreme adversity, Augusta and Lee will have to quickly learn to trust each other…and the Lord…if they hope to survive and ultimately start a happy family.

A Bride for the Wandering Missionary - He is searching to share God’s word. She’s been living among the Comanche. Together, they can share the Love of God and just might find love themselves.

A Bride for the Shy Banker - She’s a singing starlet used to the spotlight. He’s a shy banker who avoids it at all cost. They will have to overcome their differences…and more…if they are going to find love.

A Shy Bride for the Theater Owner - She’s a shy piano player who avoids the spot light. He’s a theater owner looking to capitalize on a talented trio of sisters. Together, they will find a love that neither one of them was ever looking for.

The Singer and the Handsome Stagehand - She’s a celebrity musician living her dream. He’s an aspiring musician chasing his dream. Can they create beautiful music together?

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