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Overview: Wyatt Dempsey knows there are some lines you just don't cross. Getting involved with a girl who's sporting a big sparkly ring on her finger is right at the top of that list. Even if you know the guy she's supposed to be marrying is stepping out, you still don't go there.
Spending every second you can with her while her fiancé is busy burying himself in someone else is completely out of the question. And you most definitely don't fall for her--nope, absolutely not.
Ashlee Dekker knows all about lines being crossed. Her fiancé is screwing the town tramp--it's become his favorite pastime since they moved to his hometown after college.
Most girls would've tossed the ring right back in his cheating face and caught the next flight out of there.Ending things isn't that simple though--not after Ashlee realizes the guy who put the ring on her finger isn't the one she can't bring herself to walk away from.
Genre: Romance

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Download You Should Be Mine by Colee Firman (.ePUB)

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