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Overview: L. M. Hawke doesn’t really buy into in anything supernatural or spooky, but like Fox Mulder, she wants to believe. She lives in the tiny island town of Friday Harbor, Washington, writing every day in an office perched above the town’s book store, which is located in a historic house built in 1890.
Genre: Romance Paranormal

Virgin Shift (#1) Frat boys are animals…
Roxy has had enough of privileged, rich college guys. They’ve never given her anything but grief, and a big girl like her is just chum in the water at their wild parties. When she turns twenty, she’s finally reached her limit, and ditches her Ivy League hometown for scenic Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as far from any fraternity house as she can get. Or so she thinks.
But the foothills surrounding Jackson Hole conceal a startling secret: Blackmeade University, a select, private, men’s-only college where nothing is as it seems. Before Roxy can put her foot down, she’s dragged back into the frat-party scene.
This time, though, everything’s different. Far from being the butt of fraternity jokes, Roxy’s presence sets the brothers of Alpha Delta Phi at one other’s throats – even Chase, the darkly gorgeous junior who can’t wait to get away from Blackmeade and start a new life of his own.
Is it Roxy’s lush, curvy body that’s driving the members of Alpha House wild? Or is Roxy hiding a fascinating secret of her even she doesn't know about?

Witch's Reign (#2) Can wild hearts ever change?
Roxy has found her confidence – and new friendship blossoming in the one place she never expected it to grow. Chase has found his freedom – and the reawakened passions of his past. New temptations call to them both, promising happiness and fresh starts.
In order to be happy, all Chase and Roxy have to do is learn to forget one another.
As they struggle to build new lives on their own, Scarlett returns to Jackson Hole, and her powers are as strong as ever. Now Roxy and Alexander must join forces to stop her, and Chase must trust to an unlikely alliance – or the protected enclave of Blackmeade University will fall prey to one witch’s thirst for revenge.

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