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Overview: Delisa Lynn grew up in Columbus Ohio, she is currently residing in Western New York with her husband and fur daughter Sophie. During the day she works as a Medical Assistant and at night, she types away on her laptop, allowing her characters to escape her mind. Pink is her favorite color, and she loves anything animal print. She loves traveling, shopping and baking. When Delisa isn’t working or writing you can catch her snuggled up with her kindle reading about her newest book boyfriend.
Lila Carls had one goal...
To attend New York University. She’s dreamt of being a lawyer most of her life, and she worked hard to get into NYU. What she hadn’t planned was falling in love with Liam before she left. Knowing she was about to go across the country and leave her boyfriend behind hurt more than she thought it would.
Liam Ellis fell for the blue-eyed beauty the minute he saw her…
He always knew someday he and Lila would be together. Only now that she was finally his, she was leaving for NYU.

Lila Carls-Ellis has an amazing husband, beautiful twin daughters, and a dream job. But in the back of her mind lingers a dangerous desire—Evan Martin, and she can’t help but wonder what might have been.
Liam Ellis knows his wife has a secret, but he wants her to confide it when she is ready. He’s devoted to her and their children and can’t imagine a scenario where he wouldn’t fight to protect the life they’ve built together. What could Lila have possibly done that would be devastating enough to threaten their future and the love they share?
One night can tear it all apart…

It’s time for Ansley Dolce to start over…again.
She fled home at eighteen, burdened with the memories of abuse and betrayal, along with a terrible secret. Now, upon learning her five-year marriage was built on a lie, she decides San Diego is the perfect place to build her new life.
Ashton Ellis might look like a bad-ass biker, but his only goal is to protect his son.
Ashton’s ex-wife is a money-grubbing whore, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her away from AJ, as well as from his hard-earned business interests. He doesn’t have the time or desire for any sort of relationship.
Then one night, a woman walks into a bar…The attraction between them grows, but as he pushes for more, she pulls away, terrified her past will resurface and destroy her life once more.
Only this time with collateral damage...

Zander Kelley has always had his heart set on Audrey Ridge…
However, he thinks Audrey doesn’t feel the same way. So Zander tries to push all thoughts of her out of his head—with a series of other girls. But this strategy doesn’t seem to work, so he decides to escape to New York University.
Audrey Ridge loves Zander Kelley and always has…
But he’s never treated her as anything but a friend, so she foolishly settles for someone else. When her relationship ends badly, she decides to attend New York University, and is thrilled when Zander ends up as her roommate.
She hopes things have changed between them, but after one memorable night she finds herself right back in friendship territory.

Alyssa Sommers’ dreams came crashing down when she was a senior in high school after a tragic accident leaves her broken and scarred. She seeks comfort in all of the wrong men. But, starting law school revives her hope. She needs to move on. She needs to bury her scars.
When Alyssa meets Heath, she can’t even breathe. He reminds her so much of him, the way he smiles, his laugh and even his eyes. They’re constant reminders of the past that haunts her. Can she let down her guard, let his love heal her?

After a devastating breakup with his first love, small-town boy Evan Martin strikes out to pursue his goal of studying law at New York University. He plans to put his past behind him and build a future with no messy ties. The last thing he wants is a new relationship.
Then Lila Carls walks into his life, steals his heart, and turns his world upside down. Their relationship comes with a precarious complication, because Lila is already in love with someone else. Though Evan knows she’s only borrowing his love, he takes the risk, until the inevitable happens and his heart is broken once again.

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