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Overview: Jerry Cole is a gay author who lives in California & enjoys writing love stories. When he's not writing steamy M/M romance he enjoys globetrotting, watching movies with friends, working out, & being dragged down the road by his two Great Danes.
Genre: Romance MM

Catch Me: As a star quarterback and straight A student, Will Gray doesn't have much time to spare for his relationship which prompts his girlfriend to dump him. Their abrupt ending sends him running to his best friend, Devon Sanders, who offers comfort like he would under any other circumstances. But when Devon kisses Will, it catapults him into a world of emotions that he had never considered. He had always been straight and had always been masculine, so why was his body aroused by the male body? And when had he become attracted to his best friend? All these questions rack his brain as he tries to determine whether the stress of his break up inspired this reaction or whether he's been hiding his own sexuality throughout his life. An attraction forms between the two and Will finds himself struggling to reconcile these new feelings and the happiness he feels spending time with his best friend. While finding his way in the world of emotions, a teammate spots Will and Devon kissing and drama erupts. A fight ensues between Will and his teammate which gets them suspended from the team. It seems that some of his college peers aren't receptive to Will exploring his sexuality, even people he's known for years. Will feels as though he has been wronged and attempts to convince the coach and the school that he should be permitted to return to the team. Football is his life and he can't imagine living without it, but it seems to come in the way of his new budding relationship. His fight or flight response is kicking in. Will he be able to handle the heat brought on by this new attraction or will he crumble under the pressure? How can he expect his coach and team to accept his emotions when he can hardly reconcile them himself? Love and a little humor go a long way on this journey as Will Gray realizes when it rains, it pours.

Sage: Sage Sherwood is a very successful young hedge fund trader and partner in a prestigious Boston financial firm. He appears to have everything—a huge loft overlooking the Charles River, a hot car, and the ability to do whatever he wants. But he is unsettled. He lacks a love life, and his family life is lacking as well.
His dear younger sister lives with his paternal grandparents, the rich, powerful, and politically connected Sherwoods. Sage and his sister were raised by these restrictive and unloving people while living with a mystery about their mother. They were told she had died in a complication from surgery, but that now appears to be uncertain, and Sage takes it upon himself to solve that mystery. A mystery which leads him to Vermont and a man called Scratch.
Scratch Nakamoto is a rather naïve young man, living and working on a charming fruit orchard in Vermont. He loves caring for his bees, living and working on the land, and has given little thought to his future beyond where he is at the moment. His parents moved to Vermont from California to work at the orchard. They are a very traditional Japanese family where strict rules govern how their lives play out, and Scratch has never questioned their values until his life suddenly becomes entwined with a stranger who walks up the driveway while he is busy doing the spring pruning.
Scratch’s life becomes really complicated when this charming, sexy, and captivating stranger begins to take a romantic interest in him. And it is then that Scratch begins to discover new emotions and challenges to his family’s beliefs.

The Letter: Sam Nolan is twenty-eight and is only just beginning to build the life for himself that he so desperately wants. Not everyone has had the sort of beginning Sam has. He was found at birth on the steps of a children’s home run by a convent in Chicago and raised by nuns, eventually to be adopted at the age of three. Given a life with a new family down in Florida, he is unable to shake off the natural curiosity that comes with wanting to know exactly where he came from. Resentful and angry, he ducks and dives his way through his existence, often with the help of law enforcement, before being given a lifeline that takes him back to Chicago. It’s an opportunity both for a new start, and to see whether he can ever get answers to questions he has over how he came to be.
When a letter linking him to his past arrives, he is thrown into turmoil, and decides to join a local support group. It’s run by Jay Millar, himself an abandoned baby, but one Sam envies. Jay seems to have his life together in a way Sam craves. Sam soon realizes that it may not be just Jay’s life he’d like, but Jay himself. He is faced with some very tough decisions. Should he reach out to the stranger who gave birth to him? And should he follow his heart down a path he has never dared to tread? It’s time for Sam Nolan to grow up, but he can only do that by closing wounds that have been open since the day he was born.

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