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Overview: Millie DuFraine needs an escape. A wealthy socialite, Millie has always been content with the comfortable life that her restaurateur father provided her. But when tragedy strikes and her father unexpectedly dies, her family’s fortune is gambled away by a greedy stepfather. Worse, even her own hand in marriage has been offered as a prize, and Millie’s only hope of avoiding the catastrophic union is to secretly plan her own escape.

Adam Jefferson needs a wife. For the past twenty years, Adam’s family has raised livestock in a peaceful mountain alcove. After the death of his parents, Adam becomes the reluctant leader of his five younger brothers. While their business prospers, the brothers find themselves lost without the gentle guidance and care only a woman can provide. Determined to give his brothers the life they deserve, Adam leaves their reclusive ranch in the mountains to venture into the town of Clear Water where he hopes to find the one thing that can hold his family together: a wife.
Genre: Romance

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Download Adam's Bride by Mildred B. Lewis (.ePUB)

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