Big Book of Random Facts Volume 6 by Bill O´Neill (.ePUB) download

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Overview: If you enjoy brain games, trivia quizzes or just stuffing your brain with random facts about anything and everything then this book is definitely for you. But you don’t have to be a trivia buff to thoroughly enjoy this amazing read. The Big Book of Random Facts is just that - a huge list of random trivia facts, funny facts and interesting facts in no particular order about almost everything under the sun (and beyond it)!
The Big Book of Random facts is packed with 1000 trivia facts that range from the fascinating, the bizarre, the hilarious, the gruesome to the downright mindboggling. These random facts are 100% true, collected from studies, historical records, scientific experiments and people who just went out and measured the weirdest things!
Genre: Non Fiction | Historical Study | Puzzles & Games > Trivia

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Download Big Book of Random Facts Volume 6 by Bill O´Neill (.ePUB)

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