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Overview: Cara Mackenzie is finally back home after a messy divorce, and she’s ready to start her new life as nutrition director at Sycamore Hospital. Things are looking good—especially since she’s in a blossoming romance with the handsome Dr. John Drakos. Then her former lover appears, and he needs her help. But even though Tony Cabella claims to only want assistance with his daughter’s diabetes, it’s not long before Cara is drawn deep into a dangerous web of addiction and murder.

Despite her misgivings, Cara soon finds herself pulled back into Tony’s life, and that includes socializing with his new wife and kids. Making nice isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when questions arise about Tony’s influence on the hospital’s board of directors. With all the new hires and unsettling activity, Cara doesn’t know who to trust. Then, when Tony’s stepson disappears, his wife blames Cara for negligence, and the police consider Dr. Drakos a suspect.

As the mystery surrounding the boy’s kidnapping heightens, and the police try apprehending the perpetrator, unanswered questions point toward a conspiracy. Who shot Tony when he and Cara met in secret, and why is he refusing to call the police? How is Tony connected to the hostile new physician from California who is so strange and demanding? Cara’s suspicions send her on a perilous journey that will nearly destroy her.

Chasing Their Losses is a haunting story about life, death, intrigue, and the power of young love. Author Lucia Sinn weaves a suspenseful tale full of twists and turns that take you from the lush farmland and sparkling waterfalls of Indiana to the vast, lawless sand dunes and nude beaches of South Padre Island, Texas.
Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Romance

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