What About the Words? :Creative Journaling for Scrapbookers download

Author: Memory Makers  |  Isbn: 9781892127778  |  File size: 59MB  |  Year: 2006  |  Pages: 128  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Hobbies

What About the Words? Creative Journaling for Scrapbookers provides the advice, examples and inspiration scrapbookers need to help them record their memories and experiences in the most engaging and expressive way possible. Inside, readers will find:

  • Borrowed words: Create pages that use words directly from other sources such as ads, quotes and song lyrics.
  • Simple starts: Draft your journaling in the form of single words or simple phrases.
  • Just the facts: Generate a series of questions and answers to express your sentiments or make lists that tell it just like it is.
  • Get creative: Use innovative formats such as letters, narratives, turning points, milestones, dialogue and other creative forms to compose unique and original journaling.

With over 30 unique journaling formats, What About the Words? packages all the essentials for creative journaling in one comprehensive source.

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Download What About the Words? :Creative Journaling for Scrapbookers

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