Grow Your Own Spirulina by Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum (.ePUB) download

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Overview: Spirulina is a well-known and popular superfood, but did you know you can grow it in your own home, in a space no bigger than a window? Its high growth rate makes it easy to harvest every day, getting a unique, fresh, and nutrient-dense food that is easy to eat. Join NASA algae scientist Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum of in exploring this exciting new way to farm: everything you need to know about growing, harvesting, and maintain your own Spirulina is inside! Every step is described in detail and illustrated in color. Includes recipes, growth and maintenance tips, ideas for expanding your setup, a troubleshooting guide, instructions on growing up from small culture samples, and references for further reading. Written by NASA algae scientist and AlgaeLab founder, Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum.
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dating

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Download Grow Your Own Spirulina by Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum (.ePUB)

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