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Overview: Barb McDermott (SHIFT Formula Founder) brings common sense to nutrition and health gain. FOOD B.S. is an entertaining romp through life with that four-letter word… FOOD. Her refreshing, no nonsense approach of uncovering truth using non-negotiable rules of science demystifies food once and for all.
"A truly unique, witty and life enhancing read!"
Have You Ever Wandered Through A Grocery Store And Wondered…

Why does eating “healthy” or losing weight have to be so darn complicated and confusing?
Why hasn’t my mindful, plant-based eating solved my problem?
Does eating low-fat truly translate into heart and brain health?
Is going “organic” really the cancer answer it’s touted to be?
Is there something I should be eating to avoid Alzheimer’s?
Why, the hell!... if I’m counting calories and exercising more, am I still in waistline woe?
Is our biggest epidemic, Diabetes, the food teacher no one’s paying attention to?
And why do all those people on the checkout stand food magazine covers look so damned happy?
Genre: Non Fiction Health, Mind & Body > Diet

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Download Food B.S. by Barbara McDermott (.ePUB)

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