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Overview: Have you ever admired someone who displays great maturity of behavior, thoughts, and feelings? Do you want to be like that too? …A person of value who is infused by a deeper meaning than the superficial worship of passing fads. Emotional intelligence is far more than a trendy intellectual concept. It is the intelligence of heart and mind. Emotions are not stumbling blocks; they can be harnessed in the service of self-improvement and self-development. Emotional intelligence leads to self-esteem and the esteem of others. True happiness can only be attained through an understanding and appreciation of yourself and others. That is the essence of real intelligence and genuine humanity. This book is a wondrous journey into what is beautiful within you that needs to be drawn out.
Emotional Intelligence is far greater than a simple intellectual abstraction. It speaks to your heart and your mind. EI is something you need in order to survive and transform yourself from a mere sentient being into an individual person of value. Maturity of behavior does not occur immediately after you achieve adulthood. It is an ongoing process that helps you control your feelings and behaviors to such an extent that you achieve the happiness everyone craves and deserves. Emotional intelligence can turn the victimized into victorious.
Let us begin our trip with an open heart, with hope and joy!
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Download Emotional Intelligence by Joschi Schwarz et al (.ePUB)

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