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Overview: Stephen Birmingham (1929–2015) was an American author of more than thirty books. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, he graduated from Williams College in 1953 and taught writing at the University of Cincinnati. Birmingham’s work focuses on the upper class in America. He’s written about the African American elite in Certain People and prominent Jewish society in Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of New York, The Grandees: The Story of America’s Sephardic Elite, and The Rest of Us: The Rise of America’s Eastern European Jews. His work also encompasses several novels including The Auerbach Will, The LeBaron Secret, Shades of Fortune, and The Rothman Scandal, and other non-fiction titles such as California Rich, The Grandes Dames, and Life at the Dakota: New York’s Most Unusual Address.
Heart Troubles is a collection of darkly funny and poignant short stories examining the foibles of the human heart, from the bestselling author of “Our Crowd”.

Young Mr. Keefe by Stephen Birmingham. Little, Brown (1958), 369 pp.
Jimmy Keefe, just out of college and seeking independence, has left his wealthy New England family and come to California. His new job in Sacramento is coming along fine, but his spur-of-the-moment marriage to Central Valley native Helen Warren is falling apart. Jimmy is lonesome, confused, and drinking too much. He longs for a strong relationship like that apparently enjoyed by longtime friends Claire and Blazer Gates. They seem to have it all - - a glass-walled apartment on Russian Hill in San Francisco, a new sports car and an enthusiasm for giving lavish parties. Jimmy will take a while to learn what’s actually happening and to understand the impact of family ties on his marriage and that of his friends.

The Towers of Love is a suspenseful family drama set among the well-to-do schemers of a Connecticut suburb. When Hugh Carey moves home to take stock of his failing marriage, he is reunited with Edrita Everett Smith, the girl next door who got away. But his cold, manipulative and fascinating mother Sandy has never liked Edrita, and she is not about to let Hugh out of her grasp now.

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Download 3 Books by Stephen Birmingham (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

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