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Overview: ABOUT CHARLOTTE BOYETT-COMPO - She won Inscription Magazine's 2000 Engraver Award for Favorite E-Author and The Writecharm's Simply Charming Award for promoting e-books and their authors worldwide.
On frontier station Khamsin-14, Prime Reaper Kamerone Cree is a man to be feared. When the shapeshifting assassin comes on board, women lock their doors and warriors shiver in fear as he passes. Garnering his notice is something no one wants, but one woman has caught the vampire warrior's eye. Dr. Bridget Dunne is terrified of the man they call the Iceman, but it is her job to seduce him and bring Cree over to the Resistance. Will she be able to control the Reaper's dark passions or will they destroy her?

On a world where assassins were genetically engineered and cruelty was commonplace, Kamerone Cree was a warrior among warriors; but on Earth, he is lost, desperately bored, and looking over his shoulders for an enemy only he can see. The Prime Reaper returns in this riveting sequel to BLOODWIND and he isn't having a good day!

Kamerone Cree discovers the Resistance is not done with him yet when they kidnap him to return him to Rysalia Prime for execution-where he learns they have already gathered together all of his remaining bloodkin to share his fate. Uncertain if he will ever see his beloved wife, Bridget, again, or their son, he still can not turn his back on his bloodkin. Before he can even try to return to the woman he loves more than life, he must endeavor to rescue his sons . or die in the attempt. Rating: Some adult situations and language

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Download DemonWind series by Charlotte Boyett-Compo (.PDF)

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