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Overview: Sister Claire lives a simple, sheltered life as a Sister of the Little Heart. After being forced out onto the streets as a teenager, she joined the convent seeking food, shelter and a home. She was content and thought she found some sliver of happiness. She creates a job at the local Catholic school and is ready to begin her first year as a middle school music teacher. All is going well until David walks into her life at a PTA meeting. This sexy, middle-aged school teacher turns her world on its head.

As a widower, David never thought he could feel love for another woman after he lost his wife six years ago. But this new, young nun catches his eye, and their chemistry is undeniable. As professional colleagues, they keep a distance from one another for weeks, until their slow, steady buildup of attraction can’t be denied any longer. How are they going to keep their affair hidden from the watchful eyes of the teachers, parents, and other nuns? How does the fourteen year age difference affect their relationship? And how can they find happiness together if Sister Claire is just that… a nun?
Genre: Erotic Romance

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Download For I Have Sinned by Wendy Goldberry (.ePUB)

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