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Overview: These six incendiary arguments about money, religion, war, power, culture and nature constitute a wake up call about the need for justice. George Monbiot is admired for his unquenchable thirst for truth and an assured nose for spin. In this series of essays on money, religion, war, power, culture and nature, he explains why we are heading into an uncertain future in which peace and sound politics are paramount to our survival. From his attack on the countries that deny the existence of global warming to his rally against the injustices of the Iraq war, Monbiot turns his gaze on the aspects of modernity that most endanger the prevailing world order. With characteristic precision, he offers unassailable proof that the desecration of the resources on which we all depend threatens the peace, equality and very existence of humanity. Bring on the Apocalypse is an urgent wake-up call that we cannot afford to ignore.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Politics, Environment

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