Ancient Astronomy by Clive Ruggles (.ePUB) download

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Overview: An authoritative introduction to the fascinating topic of archaeoastronomy—ancient peoples' understanding and use of the skies.

- Over 200 A–Z entries covering broad definitions and concepts, case studies from five continents, themes and issues, objects in the sky as the focus of myth, basic concepts, and influential people
- Vibrant illustrations including the stone circles at Avebury, comets, novae, and meteors
- Simple, jargon-free explanations of basic astronomical concepts
- Over 40 images including the Stonehenge Heelstone at dawn; the Cosmic Axis at the Forbidden City, Beijing; the Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan; Ahu Huri at Urenga, Easter Isl∧ the Aboriginal stone configuration at Lake Bolac, Victoria, Australia; and more.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Astronomy

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Download Ancient Astronomy by Clive Ruggles (.ePUB)

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