Engineering Economic Analysis, 11th edition download

Author: Donald G. Newnan, Jerome P. Lavelle, and Ted G. Eschenbach  |  Isbn: 978-0199778126  |  File size: 113 Mb  |  Year: 2011  |  Pages: 672  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Economics

I have really enjoyed using this book for a Master's class. The examples are brief but thorough and detailed, and tend to cover a range of applications. The authors give very helpful tips on how to construct and complete the analysis in Excel as well as by hand. I borrowed a stack of similar books from the library as backup, and of all the books I like this one best. This book covers the subject so well that I haven't found I've needed to reach into that library stack much. I highly recommend getting the accompanying Study Guide too, it has lots of great practice problems.

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Download Engineering Economic Analysis, 11th edition

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